With the Π – Eternal Formula © words, definitions and belief systems which are charged with emotions of the past and stored in our altered EGO, can be changed and neutralized without having to dive into a past story.

This makes the process very smooth and allows the person to gain detachment. It allows the person to slip in the role of the witness in a very natural way.

With the Π – Eternal Formula © the person is given back the key to his/her power. The mind is included in the change and is more and more able to surrender to the divine. The mind is able to learn and accept new knowledge which has the side effect that fear disappears in a natural way, as fear is only the absence of knowledge.

We train the brain to stay in the present moment.

As the Π – Eternal Formula © is still becoming the last step of growth was a very special one. Instead of changing a condition with another one – which is still a condition even when it is a better one – the process unfolded that we can unlock the barriers to the quantum field of the infinite possibilities. A very profound and sustained change is taking place. There are no words to discribe this – it is willing to be experienced.

The Π – Eternal Formula © is a “medicine of words” (energy) which orders the consciousness to operate. The Art of Consciousness is the platform to make the π-Eternal Formula popular to the world and to promote it’s dissemination through seminars, webinars, private coaching as well as literature and online applications. We offer space for painting, photography, film and music.

In the moment there are no sessions available as the book has to be finished first.


In the process of π-Eternal Formula ® these classes impress us particularly:


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